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Connecting the leaders, increasing awareness, empowering and developing Indonesian young people as change makers to strengthen civil society and promote the development of human values toward democracy and education.

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Democracy Affairs a future framework for people to work together to bring solutions to common democratic government problems. Participants share experiences and build skills in the democratic process, public policy, economic development, post-MDG’s, human rights, and democratic global governance. In this way the center contributes to international peace and security. In order to build true democracy, it is critical for people to participate. The center organizes panels, seminars and conferences on democratic institution issues for public awareness and public benefit.

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This center is designed for educational, cultural and professional opportunities to transcend borders and foster peaceful and interconnected Indonesian young leaders. They would achieve their full potential; think and act as global citizens; and build inclusive, thriving communities. This center strives for a global reach, excellence, and diversity in all its programs and operations with the commitment of opening minds with education for Indonesian and the world.

Sharing and Caring

This center addresses social and cultural issues in the country in order to come up with innovative solutions to social problems such as homelessness, poverty, and human trafficking. This center needs professionals to participate and engage in talk on this issue. Their outcomes will become proposals for effective solutions that can be put into an action plan.

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This center provides a better common platform for interfaith dialogue, religious pluralism and understanding of differences. The discussions bring understanding, while exploring and deepening one another’s faith. This platform would like to find solutions for religious tensions and violence in society. The activities such as interfaith dialogues, conferences, interfaith youth forums, peace walks, interreligious dialogues, interfaith camps and religious community services would be addressed by the this center. This center reduces the possibility of religious tensions happening in the future, protects minority rights and worship, and brings harmony, love, and peace.


Motivating and empowering aspiring young Indonesian leaders and empower their abilities and their potentials through intensive workshops, scientific exhibitions, entrepreneurial business to create a better lifestyle founded basically on the well-focused projects, that target not only improving life conditions and situations of needy people but also to give them a chance to be independent and to rebuild their lives.

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